Response to COVID-19

Bespoke Health and Social Care understands that these are challenging times for everyone. As we learn to live safely with COVID-19, there are actions we can all take to help reduce the risk of catching COVID-19 and passing it on to others.

These actions will also help reduce the spread of other respiratory infections, such as flu, which can spread easily and may cause serious illness to the people we support. The safety, health and wellbeing of our clients and support workers is paramount.

All our Support Workers, Clinical Nurse Specialists and Complex Care Managers are provided with personal protective equipment (PPE) which includes aprons, gloves, hand sanitiser and face masks, whilst remaining vigilant with personal hygiene and following the latest Government advice regarding the correct use of PPE.

As freedoms are increased and restrictions removed, testing remains important to Bespoke Health and Social Care to ensure robust protections continue for the most vulnerable to COVID-19, alongside other measures such as vaccination and personal protective equipment. Staff who choose to participate in asymptomatic testing should conduct 2 LFD tests per week, spaced 3-4 days apart, all Bespoke staff members have access to LFD testing kits via their line manager.

There are simple things we can all do to help reduce the spread of COVID-19 and other respiratory infections and protect those who are at higher risk. Things you can choose to do are:

The policies and procedures we have in place are following the latest guidelines set out by the Government, NHS England and Department of Health and Social Care England.

Our teams of Complex Care Managers and Clinical Nurse Specialists are in regular contact with our clients and staff, to advise them of any updates or changes to their daily routines. We want to assure you that we are here if you need us, please feel free to contact our Head Office, or your manager, with any concerns you may have. You can find the relevant contact information on our Contact Us page.

Here at Bespoke Health and Social Care we believe that vaccines are the best form of defence we have against COVID-19 and other respiratory infections such as flu. They provide good protection against hospitalisation and death. They also reduce the risk of long-term symptoms. The COVID-19 vaccines are proven to be safe and effective.

our covid-19 response service

We have successfully worked with a number of CCG’s and local authorities throughout the UK during the pandemic to help people leave hospital and live independently at home. From avoidable admissions to rapid discharges and end of life care, our COVID-19 response service is designed to help patients get back to their own homes. To find out more, please contact your local Service Development Manager. Details can be found below.

client quotes

“More recently, with the pandemic, I was provided safe support, with PPE being available and the support workers trying their best to minimise risk of infection through every means necessary. It is clear the staff are aware that their safety and my safety is inter-connected, with many showing diligence even outside of their working hours to try and maintain a safe environment.”

“During this COVID pandemic, patient health has been put foremost and that has given us added peace of mind as our daughter was required to shield. The nurse has continued to keep us updated on the safety measures in place which is appreciated as this is an ever-changing time.”

“Bespoke was recommended to us by the commissioners after we encountered problems with AMG who were with me for almost 18 months. Within a month of taking over, COVID struck and it was then I realised how different things were under you guys. Moving to Bespoke was an inspired decision and I would hope that you could roll down my gratitude to the team.”