Airway Management

Our clinical nurse specialists are expertly experienced in working with children and adults across England who are living with a wide range of complex care needs – including those who require airway management.

Many of the clients we support within their own homes have complex healthcare conditions, such as spinal cord injuries, brain injuries and neurological disorders, which require a high level of clinical care, as well as complex interventions, including ventilator or tracheostomy management.

Our specialist nurses work collaboratively with our clients’ Multidisciplinary Teams, to ensure the best continuation of care from respiratory physios to the ventilation teams. By understanding the unique requirements of every person we support, our specialist nurses are able to design a bespoke care and support plan, which is then used to deliver outstanding clinical care at home.

We are committed to providing the highest standards of training to our support workers, and wider care teams, through dedicated nurse-led supervision. This ensures the safety, health and wellbeing of our clients are put first and our support teams are given the skills and knowledge to reduce the risk of airway complications developing at home.

Our expert, nurse-led training covers:

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Megans' journey

Baby Megan spent 6 months at home with her parents before becoming very unwell. This led to an extended 19-month stay in hospital, which is where our specialist clinical team first met her.

We worked closely with the hospital who supported with the training of carers. Mum and Dad really wanted Megan home for Eid and, by working jointly with the hospital, we were able to achieve this.

Megan has a cuffed tracheostomy and requires 24/7 ventilation to maintain her respiratory needs. Our specialist nurses worked closely with Megan’s team of support workers, to ensure they were all fully trained in tracheostomy suction, tracheostomy management, tracheostomy changes, ventilator management, enteral management and medication management.

Thanks to the dedication of our amazing care and clinical teams, Mum and Dad now have support during days and nights so they can, once again, be a tight family unit.