Live-In Care

At Bespoke, we understand how worrying and upsetting it can be to realise that a loved one needs long term care and support, but we are here to show you that live-in care is a great way to help loved ones maintain their independence, choice, and dignity.

As a national provider of specialist home care for children and adults with complex health and social care needs, we are experts in supporting individuals with complex needs within their own homes. We have a proven track record, of providing safe, competent, and compassionate care to children and adults of all ages and across all specialities.

Our Registered Nurse led, live-in care service not only meets the complex clinical needs of the individual, but also provides personal care, and offers companionship, encouraging the people we support to continue to enjoy their hobbies and interests and promote social inclusion within their community.

Live-in care has many benefits, which include:

With available places in residential care continuing to shrink, live-in care is becoming an ever more popular option for many families, and for elderly people in particular. At Bespoke we can meet the highest level of complexity within the home environment, up to and including individuals requiring invasive ventilation and tracheostomy management.

For more information about Bespoke and the services we provide, please take a look at our brochure.

client quotes

“It is heart-warming to see the improvement in quality of life that JC now has. This transition has been a shining example of personalised care and how, when a system works effectively together, what amazing things we can achieve. 

"This has been fundamentally down to the carers and Bespoke. It has been a well oiled machine and they have run with ideas and absolutely flourished. The team really is excellent. Please make sure every carer is made aware, that we think they are doing an amazing job & they have changed this young man’s life."

“Bespoke has provided my brother with the ability to stay in his own home, and his carers have helped him to return to the brother I know and love.

“My parents are very happy with the care levels provided and hope that Bespoke can help others in the same situation. I would highly recommend them.”