Spinal Injury

Bespoke Health and Social Care have been successfully supporting people living with spinal cord injury since the service began in 2011. We understand that sustaining a spinal injury is life changing both physically and emotionally, and we recognise that this affects not only the individual who has sustained the injury, but also their relationships with family and friends.

We specialise in providing high quality, Registered Nurse led, person centred care, placing the individual at the centre of the process, and are committed to putting people first. Each member of the team is recruited specifically for the individual and trained to a very high standard, with the focus of meeting their complex clinical needs whilst empowering them to take back control of their lives.

We work closely with organisations such as the Spinal Injuries Association with the shared goal of supporting the individual to adjust positively to living with a spinal injury; assisting them to face and overcome new challenges and enabling them to live a fulfilled life.

For more information about Bespoke and the services we provide, please take a look at our brochure.

client quotes

“Bespoke has been life-changing for me; having a company that puts the person in control of their own life, and having the ability to choose the right team of people without the added pressure of having to employ staff directly.

“I was so used to all the red tape that I'd encountered with other companies, it was liberating to finally be in control of what happened in my home. I have my life back. Being able to take my daughter on holiday was life changing. The memories we made will be cherished forever, and it wouldn't have been possible without Bespoke.”

“I returned home on 28th February 2020 after 6 months in hospital with a spinal injury. Bespoke has been my care provider since then. 

“My team are first class and we have a great relationship. They helped me settle in at home and face the new challenges, as I had led an independent life until my injury. They are a joy to work with and they keep me focused. We have a very simple philosophy, their job is to care for me and my job is to help them care for me.”