Physical Disabilities

Here at Bespoke, we recognise that people with disabilities face physical and social barriers that hinder their access to services or employment and prevent them from enjoying their rights. We aim to work in partnership with the individuals that we support, helping and empowering them to overcome these barriers and live a full and meaningful life, claiming their rightful place in society.

Since Bespoke began in 2011, our team of expert clinicians and highly trained and skilled support workers have grown exponentially to help the individuals we support achieve their goals – no matter how big or small. From giving someone the confidence to integrate more within their community, to supporting someone in gaining a Masters Degree, our amazing care teams are here to listen to each person’s aspirations and help them turn those into reality through a personalised support plan that they take the lead on.

We pride ourselves on giving people back their confidence and enabling them to live more independently at home. We are here to work flexibly with you, and accommodate your evolving needs, so if you feel comfortable in taking on more tasks for yourself, this is something we absolutely encourage.

Through open and honest discussions and putting individuals at the centre of care, our care teams are dedicated to supporting those living with a physical disability to overcome any obstacles they may face and achieve their life goals.

For more information about Bespoke and the services we provide, please take a look at our brochure.

client quotes

“I never worry about William’s care anymore. Even though we have had several problems with staff phoning in sick, it always gets covered and William remains the centre of the care at all times.

“Thank you very, very much. Moving to Bespoke for William’s care has genuinely been transformational for my quality of life and mental health and I know that William feels the same.”