Ryan's Journey

From a very early age Ryan had "absences" often, due to epilepsy. They lasted a minute or so and occurred daily. It was akin almost to daydreaming as Ryan’s eyes remained open during these episodes.

In the mid 2000’s, when Ryan was 27, he suddenly collapsed and became unconscious. His mother, Lin, was there to witness this.

“He was grey and his lips blue... I couldn’t find a pulse. I called 999 and, whilst waiting for the ambulance, he slowly came around. He was given oxygen and admitted to A&E. Initially he was prescribed Epilem, which had the side-effect of reducing his ability to feed himself. He was then prescribed Lamotrogine which has been very successful.”

Ryan has since had two more serious episodes, one of which was following a flu vaccine, so he has not had his yearly jab since. According to Lin, Ryan’s natural temperature is around 35.6 degrees and he is always monitored for sudden increases. He had his last serious episode in late 2013, where his temperature soared to 39.6 in around 20 mins. He was given oxygen in A&E and taken into the resuscitation room as a precaution. 

Bespoke started supporting Ryan at the beginning of 2020, just before the Covid-19 lockdown, delivering 24 hour care, 7 days a week. Since joining Bespoke, we are thrilled to hear how happy Ryan has been with the level of support and his mother, Lin, is equally impressed.

For a 24x7 complex care package this daunting task has been delivered to a very high standard, and Ryan is unaware how difficult this must have been at your level. You have been proactive in always seeking my advice on his health issues, as every individual presents different warning signs both physically and emotionally. Staff issues have been dealt with and our concerns listened to."

“Ryan is now happier than I have seen him in years! His confidence has grown immensely. The best thing that has happened this year is that Bespoke was the company nominated for Ryan’s care.”