Personal Health Budgets

A package of care for adults or children who are in receipt of a Personal Health Budget (PHB) and express a preference for either a Notional PHB or a 3rd Party PHB.



How can Bespoke Health and Social Care help?

All of Bespoke’s care packages are delivered as a notional PHB. We have a proven track record of setting up notional Personal Health Budgets around the UK for people with complex care needs.

Why Bespoke Health and Social Care?

We pride ourselves in giving the individual as much or as little control of their care package as they wish, without the hassles of becoming an employer, managing staff, advertising, recruiting, covering sickness and holidays, setting up bank accounts and sending reports to the CCG.

Case Study — PHB

All of the individuals who we support came to Bespoke, frustrated with their previous provider. They felt they had:

No choice

No say

No voice

No control

No continuity of care

Not much fun!


Every package of care that Bespoke supports is done so in the spirit of a Notional Personal Health Budget. The individual calls the shots, with Bespoke acting as a facilitator of their care package (not an agency dictator!).

Individuals choose which care staff they would like to have working with them.

Individuals choose what shift patterns are required on the monthly rota (this can change month to month).

Individuals have input into their competency workbook which is written specifically for them.

Individuals are in control, without having to become an employer or create financial reports.

Individuals do not have to deal with agency red tape.

All of the care packages are clinically overseen by a trained nurse, ensuring clinical governance remains prevalent at all times.

Come and join the 50 + individuals who have a complex care need and use Bespoke to facilitate their care package! It doesn’t matter where in the Uk you live, we can help.



Are you eligible for NHS continuing care?


To be eligible for NHS continuing healthcare, your main or primary need for care must relate to your health. For example, people who are eligible are likely to: have a complex medical condition that requires a lot of care and support.

How to assess your eligibility?


To decide if you’re eligible for NHS continuing healthcare, your care needs will be assessed by a health or social care professional. If the assessment confirms that you’re eligible for NHS continuing healthcare, the NHS will pay for your care.

Where is NHS CHC provided?


If you are eligible, you can receive NHS continuing healthcare in any setting, for example: in your own home: the NHS will pay for healthcare, such as services from a community nurse or specialist therapist, and personal care, such as help with bathing, dressing and laundry.

You can download Framework here

List of current NHS users of Bespoke’s services:

NHS Surrey CCG
NHS Lambeth CCG
NHS Southwark CCG
NHS Lewisham CCG
NHS Hillingdon CCG
NHS Hampshire CCG
NHS Bromley CCG

NHS Hertfordshire CCG
NHS Solent CCG
NHS Calderdale CCG
NHS Kirklees CCG
NHS Doncaster CCG
NHS Lincolnshire West CCG
NHS North Lincolnshire CCG
NHS Stoke On Trent CCG
NHS Staffs & Surrounds CCG
NHS Birmingham Cross City CCG
NHS South Worcestershire CCG
NHS Herefordshire CCG