A package of care for children with short, medium or long term complex healthcare and social needs, funded either solely by the NHS or jointly, in partnership with Social Services.



How can Bespoke Health and Social Care help?

BHSC have a proven track record of setting up children’s care packages around the UK. We pride ourselves on recruiting the right team who have the right personality and skills, ensuring we match them to the child’s needs and personality.

Why Bespoke Health and Social Care?

Here at BHSC we believe on giving the individual as much or as little control over their care package as they would like. We work with individuals who want us to manage all aspects of their care and we also work with individuals who wish to manage elements of their care themselves.
Case Study — Children

Individual B is a 1 year old baby who was born prematurely at 35 weeks, has trachea-oesophageal fistula repair day 2 of life. They have a tracheostomy, are on a ventilator, and also have a gastro in situ. The family were awarded a package of care by the CCG of 7 nights, each being 11hrs to provide respite for the parents. This package of care had to be in place before the child was discharged from the hospital.


Bespoke recruited a number of highly skilled healthcare assistants, some had nursing qualifications from overseas. The family chose their team who they wanted to support their child.

The carers worked in the hospital alongside the nursing staff, being up skilled on tracheaostomy and gastro care. They were supported by BHSC’s Paediatric Nurses working through competency booklets, from The Royal Brompton. Our nurses made sure that the team of carers would be competent to support the client at home without nursing intervention.

We were able to take the child home in time for Christmas

Are you eligible for NHS continuing care?


To be eligible for NHS continuing healthcare, your main or primary need for care must relate to your health. For example, people who are eligible are likely to: have a complex medical condition that requires a lot of care and support.

How to assess your eligibility?


To decide if you’re eligible for NHS continuing healthcare, your care needs will be assessed by a health or social care professional. If the assessment confirms that you’re eligible for NHS continuing healthcare, the NHS will pay for your care.

Where is NHS CHC provided?


If you are eligible, you can receive NHS continuing healthcare in any setting, for example: in your own home: the NHS will pay for healthcare, such as services from a community nurse or specialist therapist, and personal care, such as help with bathing, dressing and laundry.

You can download the framework here

List of current NHS users of Bespoke’s services:

NHS Surrey CCG
NHS Lambeth CCG
NHS Southwark CCG
NHS Lewisham CCG
NHS Hillingdon CCG
NHS Hampshire CCG
NHS Bromley CCG

NHS Hertfordshire CCG
NHS Solent CCG
NHS Calderdale CCG
NHS Kirklees CCG
NHS Doncaster CCG
NHS Lincolnshire West CCG
NHS North Lincolnshire CCG
NHS Stoke On Trent CCG
NHS Staffs & Surrounds CCG
NHS Birmingham Cross City CCG
NHS South Worcestershire CCG
NHS Herefordshire CCG