Spinal Injury

Bespoke enables individuals with spinal injuries and associated conditions to be safely cared for at home by a highly competent team.

We have proven experience in giving high quality support to individuals who require:

• Ventilation and Breathing Support
• Tracheostomy Care
• Bowel Management
• Catheter Care


Case Study — Spinal Injury

The individual (Client A) has suffered a spinal injury, they have staffing on a 2:1 ratio at all times. The client has a tracheostomy and is on a ventilator. We care for all of their needs meaning the MDT community team no longer have to intervene with their care needs.

Prior to BHSC taking over this package of care, the client had been through every provider in their locality. Each provider lasted no longer than 6 months. The client and his mother were running the rota. When BHSC took over the care package, there we cares and nurses supporting the client from 4 different care providers.


We asked the client which carers and nurses he wanted and transferred them over to BHSC. We then recruited new members for the team. BHSC did the initial screening and interviews, allowing the client to have the final say in who he wanted on his team. We took over putting the rota together. The client gets to approve it before it is circulated. This has enabled the client and his mum to have back that mother/child relationship.

In July 2013, we managed to get the client to Florida for a 2 week holiday with family and a team of 1 nurse and 2 carers. This was their first trip abroad in over 9 years.

This client is currently still being supported by BHSC and their care package has been the most stable it has ever been.

We can help.

Case Study — Spinal Injury

What people say about Bespoke…

Taken from feedback given to the Care Quality Commission

I have been involved right from the start, this is my care package and it has been built around what I want and need.

Staff were always polite and treated us with dignity and respect.



The manager is always available. He responds very quickly and I think is always looking to make improvements.

The manager really listens and does things for us. He put things in place that I didn’t have with my previous employer.

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List of current NHS users of Bespoke’s services:

NHS Surrey CCG
NHS Lambeth CCG
NHS Southwark CCG
NHS Lewisham CCG
NHS Hillingdon CCG
NHS Hampshire CCG
NHS Bromley CCG

NHS Hertfordshire CCG
NHS Solent CCG
NHS Calderdale CCG
NHS Kirklees CCG
NHS Doncaster CCG
NHS Lincolnshire West CCG
NHS North Lincolnshire CCG
NHS Stoke On Trent CCG
NHS Staffs & Surrounds CCG
NHS Birmingham Cross City CCG
NHS South Worcestershire CCG
NHS Herefordshire CCG