Physical Disability

Bespoke enables individuals with physical disabilities to have all of their needs considered. Our carers not only work with individuals to care for their physical needs, but they also ensure that social needs are taken into consideration.

We have proven experience in giving high quality support to individuals with

• Cerebral Palsy
• Multiple Sclerosis
• Parkinson Disease
• Motor Neurone Disease

Case Study — Physical Disability

Individual C is a young child who was born without a gut. When BHSC was introduced to the family, they had already been through a number of providers, each had made promises but had failed to deliver.


Initially the package of care was only a small one requiring highly skilled nurses to provide the family with respite. The respite was for as and when the family required it. We introduced 2 highly skilled Paediatric nurses who were able to provide the family with respite as and when they required. This allowed for mum and dad to go out and have some time as a “couple”.

Recently the family moved into another CCG catchment area. They fought with the CCG to keep Bespoke as their care provider as we were able to provide the quality of staff and the continuity. This care package has now increases to 6 nights a week. We are still providing nurse support, however highly skilled HCAs provide respite at night for the parents.

We can help.

What people say about Bespoke…

Taken from feedback given to the Care Quality Commission

The employment process was thorough, I am sure that other staff are also recruited the same way.


Staff were always polite and treated us with dignity and respect.



Audits were being carried out to check the quality of documentation being maintained by staff.


The manager really listens and does things for us. He put things in place that I didn’t have with my previous employer.

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List of current NHS users of Bespoke’s services:

NHS Surrey CCG
NHS Lambeth CCG
NHS Southwark CCG
NHS Lewisham CCG
NHS Hillingdon CCG
NHS Hampshire CCG
NHS Bromley CCG

NHS Hertfordshire CCG
NHS Solent CCG
NHS Calderdale CCG
NHS Kirklees CCG
NHS Doncaster CCG
NHS Lincolnshire West CCG
NHS North Lincolnshire CCG
NHS Stoke On Trent CCG
NHS Staffs & Surrounds CCG
NHS Birmingham Cross City CCG
NHS South Worcestershire CCG
NHS Herefordshire CCG