Learning Disability

Bespoke only places carers who have been specifically chosen by the individual. This process is particularly welcomed by individuals with learning disabilities, due to some conditions leaving them wary of new faces and the dislike of ‘change’.

We have proven experience in giving high quality support to individuals with:

• Autism Spectrum Disorders
• Attention Deficit Disorder
• Dyspraxia
• Challenging Behaviour


Case Study — Learning Disability

Individual E has Athetoid Cerebral Palsy. Bespoke was approached to support this individual as we were the newest care provider in the area. This package of care is 2:1. The client had been through 10 care providers in 12 months, as the providers could not fill the hours commissioned. Some had just lasted 3 weeks.


Bespoke worked with the client and the family, providing choice at every stage in choosing a care team. We took into account the client’s interest in football. The package was supervised by a Regional Care Manager and a nurse to provide clinical support and governance. 2.5 years on, this care package is fully staffed, and stable.

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What people say about Bespoke…

Taken from feedback given to the Care Quality Commission

I have been involved right from the start, this is my care package and it has been built around what I want and need.

Staff were always polite and treated us with dignity and respect.



People using the service and their relatives had the opportunity to meet the manager regularly to give their opinions.

We saw that appropriate pre-employment checks were carried out before staff started work.

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List of current NHS users of Bespoke’s services:

NHS Surrey CCG
NHS Lambeth CCG
NHS Southwark CCG
NHS Lewisham CCG
NHS Hillingdon CCG
NHS Hampshire CCG
NHS Bromley CCG

NHS Hertfordshire CCG
NHS Solent CCG
NHS Calderdale CCG
NHS Kirklees CCG
NHS Doncaster CCG
NHS Lincolnshire West CCG
NHS North Lincolnshire CCG
NHS Stoke On Trent CCG
NHS Staffs & Surrounds CCG
NHS Birmingham Cross City CCG
NHS South Worcestershire CCG
NHS Herefordshire CCG